pysptk.sptk.mgcep(windowed, order=25, alpha=0.35, gamma=0.0, num_recursions=None, miniter=2, maxiter=30, threshold=0.001, etype=0, eps=0.0, min_det=1e-06, itype=0, otype=0)

Mel-generalized cepstrum analysis

windowed : array, shape (frame_len)

A windowed frame

order : int, optional

Order of mel-generalized cepstrum. Default is 25.

alpha : float, optional

All pass constant. Default is 0.35.

gamma : float, optional

Parameter of generalized log function. Default is 0.0.

num_recursions : int, optional

Number of recursions. Default is len(windowed) - 1.

miniter : int, optional

Minimum number of iteration. Default is 2.

maxiter : int, optional

Maximum number of iteration. Default is 30.

threshold : float, optional

Threshold. Default is 0.001.

etype : int, optional
Type of paramter e
  1. not used
  2. initial value of log-periodogram
  3. floor of periodogram in db

Default is 0.

eps : float, optional

Initial value for log-periodogram or floor of periodogram in db. Default is 0.0.

min_det : float, optional

Mimimum value of the determinant of normal matrix. Default is 1.0e-6.

itype : float, optional
Input data type
  1. windowed signal
  2. log amplitude in db
  3. log amplitude
  4. amplitude
  5. periodogram

Default is 0.

otype : int, optional
Output data type
  1. mel generalized cepstrum: (c~0…c~m)
  2. MGLSA filter coefficients: b0…bm
  3. K~,c~‘1…c~’m
  4. K,b‘1…b’m
  5. K~,g*c~‘1…g*c~’m
  6. K,g*b‘1…g*b’m

Default is 0.

mgc : array, shape (order + 1)

mel-generalized cepstrum

  • if invalid itype is specified
  • if invalid etype is specified
  • if nonzero eps is specified when etype = 0
  • if negative eps is specified
  • if negative min_det is specified
  • if invalid otype is specified
  • if error happened in theq