pysptk.sptk.lsp2sp(lsp, fftlen=256, has_gain=True, loggain=False, fs=None, itype=0)

LSP to spectrum

lsp : array


fftlen : int, optional

FFT length

has_gain : bool, optional

Whether input LPC has gain at the index 0 or not. Default is True.

loggain : bool, optional

If True, it’s assumed that input LPC has loggain and convert it to linear gain. Default is False.

fs : int, optional

Sampling frequency. Default is None and unused.

itype : int, optional
Input LPC format
  1. normalized frequency (0 ~ pi)
  2. normalized frequency (0 ~ 0.5)
  3. frequency (kHz)
  4. frequency (Hz)

Default is 0.

sp : array, shape

Spectrum. ln|H(z)|.